Stomach Cancer Symptom

What is Stomach Cancer Symptom?

Stomach cancer has several symptoms. Each individual have a different symptom. For those who suffer from the symptoms described below can see a doctor for treatment or advice. The symptom can be seen since at early stage or more advanced stomach cancer.

Early stages of stomach cancer, you may have very few symptoms. These may include:

    • Indigestion and stomach discomfort.

For those suffering from stomach cancer at an early stage, they often feel indigestion and stomach discomfort. This is because the food you eat will not be making the digestible otherwise have to go through or go through the stomach with cancer.

    • A bloated feeling after eating

Bloating is one of the symptoms of stomach cancer. They did not confirm to feel comfortable in the stomach every time after eat because when indigestion occurs due to disturbance of gastric cancer cell tissue will also feel bloated.

    • Mild nausea

Stomach cancer is also affected nausea initially. This is due to the food we eat cannot be digested properly which can cause stomach bloating and nausea.

    • Loss of appetite

Stomach cancer can cause a person to lose appetite. This is because their stomach often feels bloated and uncomfortable. Therefore, the stomach is uncomfortable can decreased appetite.

email STOMACH CANCER SYMPTOM More advanced cancer, the symptom are:

    • Blood in the stool (which appears as black, tarry stools).

If they have problems bloody stool, you are advised to consult an expert for advice. This is because one of the symptoms of stomach cancer are bloody stools. Many people ignore these symptoms because think it is not too serious. These symptoms occur when the cancer that occurs in the lower abdomen that is approaching the intestine.

    • Vomiting or vomiting blood.

For those suffering from stomach cancer at some stage will experience severe vomiting blood. This was due to cancer of the stomach is in a terrible state and spread to all parts of the stomach or esophagus. Thus, throat and stomach pain during vomiting.

    • Weight loss.

Rapid weight loss is also a sign of stomach cancer. In the early stages, lack of appetite can be seen. However, if the lack of appetite is prolonged which the result in weight loss in the short time it is one of the stomach cancer symptom.


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